William Chen

I am a Data Scientist at Quora, where I help grow and share the world's knowledge. I have a passion for storytelling with statistics and sharing my knowledge on Quora, where I write answers to help people interested in Data Science, Probability, Statistics, and more. I am a co-author of The Only Probability Cheatsheet You'll Ever Need and the Data Science Handbook.

Previously, I studied Statistics at Harvard, where I received both my Bachelors and my Masters Degree.

Some Things I've Worked On


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The Data Science HandbooK

This book is Pay What You Want and contains interviews of 25 data scientists about their career, advice, and insights on becoming a data scientist.

Probability Cheatsheet

A Creative-Commons licensed 10-page probability cheatsheet that covers a full semester's worth of introductory probability, ideal for following along during a course or for review.

16 + Free Data Science Books

I compiled my list of my favorite quality data science books available for free, which covers such topics as statistical inference, visualization, and data mining.

How to Become a Data Scientist

Curated collection of free resources online to develop the skills to become a data scientist.